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XERO is the innovation industry leader of linear LED lighting systems, with technological developments from the simplicity of installation, to unsurpassed product performance backed by the most comprehensive warranty. Our technologies evolve from interweaving product design with leading industry professionals, ultimately fuelling invention driven by experience. In this document you’ll learn about our key technologies that are interlaced throughout the DNA of our products. This insight will help understand why XERO is clearly the technological choice for the lighting professional.

Xero Core
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This truly unique innovation adopts our revolutionary cam lock for quick and simple ‘single person’ installation. The system is also ‘future proofed’ by having the ability to easily upgrade as LED technology rapidly advances.
Tool-less installation
The ease of speed without screws, tools or lost components whilst also avoiding accidental damage potentially caused by screwdrivers.
Cam lock
Ingenious patented locking cam allows for ease of installing and removing the complete gear tray. This allows for both simple maintenance but also upgrading in the future.

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Axis™ Gear Tray
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The smart suspension system that can be mounted on any surface, whether a flat or sloped ceiling, or even a wall. Height adjustment is done at the luminaire for fine tuning close to the ground. The flexibility of luminaire location allows complete freedom of lighting design.

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Rollerball Suspension™
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Linear lighting perfection has been realised, introducing patented Con-Seal™. The typical industry ‘extrusion + flat end plate’ has been superseded by our precision engineered endcap, complete with ‘magnetic snap’ cover plate that’s nothing short of impressive.

complete Conseal™
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Our patented joining system is not only the fastest in the market, it incorporates LUMI-SEAL™ for a complete ‘light leak free’ join. Its multiple benefits for both installer and client’s project sets it apart from the rest, reaching a new pinnacle of linear lighting.

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LED technology has rapidly advanced over the last decade with criteria of quality & quantity of light, efficiency, life and cost. The XERAMIX™ philosophy is targeting performance well within nominal specification to create luminaires in a class of their own.
Xeramix 1 LED Modules
Performance Overview
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