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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is concerned with treating stakeholders of a company ethically or in a socially responsible manner. Stakeholders exist both within a firm and outside. Consequently, behaving socially responsibly will increase the human development of stakeholders both within and outside the corporation. Xero Linear Lighting Systems recognises the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  Through its accumulated years of collective experiences Xero has devised systems throughout all departments to ensure that our customers, staff and all stakeholders have in place 5 key areas of CSR.
They are –

1. Our People

Innovation is also important to the success of our business. When our people continually innovate, they provide better lighting products, services or solutions for our customers, sustainable growth is then generated.

Maintaining a focus on providing a safe work places in every area of our product process

Xero provide opportunity for all our staff to enhance their job performance and career development

Here at Xero we strive to build an inclusive work environment. This includes attention to Gender diversity,
Equal rights for Woman in the work place

2. Sourcing

Xero have a commitment to having strong and respectful relationships with all of our suppliers and out sources We strive to source components and materials in a responsible manner that includes the improvement of social and environmental initiatives.

3. Community

Xero continue to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate –

This includes –

Supporting local businesses

Sponsoring sports programs

We are commited to providing customers with products that exceed all the safety requirements of all our lighting profiles

4. Environment

Xero Linear Lighting Systems are working to strive to reduce fuel emissions by limiting the use of delivery vechiles, communicating with clients and customers through more streamlined

Xero have continued with their green initiative by introducing a paperless work environment. Using all the benefits of technology, Xero transfers most of their organization’s processes to digital format. Instead of storing employee data in folders locked in cabinet files, Xero saves them in a secure human resource management system. These are just a few areas how Xero Linear Lighting Systems have enjoyed the benefits of being paperless. Its more economical, plus we’ve been able to save trees, too.

5. Governance

Xero Linear Lighting Systems operate corporate governance because we believe that a company cannot in the long-term operate in isolation from the wider society in which it functions.
Xero beieves that Corporate Governance is an integral part of CSR resulting in a clear and transparent image of the organisation and thus directly affects the performance of the organisation.

Xero beleives and upholds the 4 principles of coporate governance.