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Bank of China

Sydney NSW

XTA | 2.0 Loop Recessed, XTA | 2.0 Loop Slot, XTA | 1.6 OPTIK Slot, XTA | 1.5 Recessed
Bank of China head office, Sydney Australia
The quiet understated use of Xero Lighting’s XTA | 2.5 Loop Recessed and XTA | 3.0 Recessed in the main foyer and walkways complement the stylish sweeping curves and rich indoor gardens connecting to a central staircase in the main foyer of the beautifully appointed Bank of China head office in Sydney, Australia.
Consultants: Aston
Architect: Group GSA
Electrical Contractor: Heyday
local Xero Specification Consultant by going to xerolighting.com/contact

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XTA | 2.0 Loop

XTA | 2.0 Loop

XTA | 1.6 Optik

XTA | 1.5

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