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Edwin Sargeant

Managing Director and Founder

Contact: E:  esargeant@xerolighting.com
P: +61 28599 9788
M:  (AUS) +61 418 415 994 M:  (USA) +1 480 768 8733

As Managing Director and Founder of the Xero Group, Edwin Sargeant has over 33 years experience in the linear lighting industry, primarily designing, manufacturing and selling Tubular Lighting Systems. Edwin’s main focus and commitment is supplying his customers the very latest in technologically advanced linear lighting systems.

Edwin is also a foundation member of Lighting Council Australia and a Technical associate of the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand. Edwin holds a Masters Degree in Management from Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

You can be assured Edwin and his management team will provide an in-depth analytical and strategic approach to designing your next linear lighting project.

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Noah Elmes

Industrial Designer

Contact: E:  nelmes@xerolighting.com
P: +61 28599 9788

Noah thrives on challenges, particularly the kind that arise on the path from concept to tangible product in manufacturing. He loves watching an idea take physical form as he helps guide it along its path to the end-user. It’s not a habit he finds easy to turn off, either, as he devotes a good bit of his spare time to making things on his own. Hitting the gym and spending time with friends are important to him, too. Noah attended University of New South Wales, Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Industrial Design with Honours.

Tom Grant

Design Director of Xero Linear Lighting Systems

Contact: E: tgrant@xerolighting.com
M: +61 402 841 344
P: +61 285 999 788

In the course of his eighteen-year career, Tom has brought his industrial design perspective to a wide variety of consulting roles. His work has ranged from consumer products, to professional audio equipment, to high-tech medical products, to prefabricated housing. With his arrival at Xero, Tom has returned to the lighting industry, where his career began and where he will focus on his specialty—developing integrated products in a style that promotes innovation at every step of the product lifecycle.

Reg Baker

Creative Director of Xero Linear Lighting Systems

Contact: E: rbaker@xerolighting.com
M: +61 422 967 684
P: +61 285 999 788

Reg is something of a journeyman in lighting and related sectors. His branding and communications skills have made their mark in lighting before and now he’s back, focusing on Xero product promotion and managing all activation marketing channels.
 His role as Creative Director is backed up by two-plus decades as a marketing professional doing business in manufacturing and other industries in the commercial lighting orbit.”

Samuel Bruce

Technical Officer

Contact: E: sbruce@xerolighting.com
P: +61 28599 9788


Dylan Coom

Pre-Production Manager

Contact: E: dcoom@xerolighting.com
P: +02 8599 9788


Matt Bell

Operations Manager

Contact: E: mbell@xerolighting.com
M: +61 499 881 731
P: +61 285 999 788

Matt earned his stripes in the industry coming up through the ranks of a major Australian linear lighting supplier. From the procurement team, to Manufacturing Manager, to Operations Manager, he developed unparalleled expertise in the materials and processes involved in creating lighting products. Today, Matt combines his long experience in lighting with a love for leadership, as he guides production here at Xero. We also enjoy the benefit of business skills he refined while earning his 2015 master’s degree at University of Western Sydney.

Ashleigh Chapple

Financial Controller

Contact: E: achapple@xerolighting.com
M: +61 422 293 734
P: +61 285 999 788

Every industry has its financial fine points, unique money-management aspects critical to the healthy running of a company in a given field. Ashleigh brings more than ten years of experience in lighting industry accounting and administrative operations to the Xero team. Highly organised, friendly and self-motivated, Ashleigh does more than simply keep the books. She helps people understand her job, eliminating the friction that can often occur between the teams that generate revenue and those whose job it is to make sure the company’s financial assets are being used wisely.

Alistair Proctor

NSW Regional Partner

Contact: E: aproctor@xerolighting.com
M: +61 417 692 698
P: +61 285 999 788

As a regional partner for Xero Linear Lighting Systems in NSW, Alistair Proctor has 14 years experience in the commercial lighting industry as a sales professional providing detailed specification & technical support to our lighting design, electrical engineering & architectural clients. Alistair also works closely with manufacturers in the development of new innovative market leading lighting products. Alistair also has 15 years experience in installation and engineering project management mainly with commercial and heavy industry sectors.

Nick Van Someren

NSW Regional Partner

Contact: E: nickvs@xerolighting.com
M: +61 422 564 976
P: +61 285 999 788

As a Team Member of Xero Linear Lighting Systems for NSW. He has been in the commercial lighting industry for 14 years representing some of the best local and European brands in the market. Nick is driven by always delivering excellent service to his clients on projects in the specification market and works closely with electrical engineers, lighting designers, architects and end users.

Craig Crawford

VIC & SA Regional Partner

Contact: E: ccrawford@xerolighting.com
M: +61 488 044 863
P: +61 383 999 488

Craig Crawford has over 20 year’s experience in the lighting and electrical industry. Having started with a manufacturer as a product development engineer Craig has been exposed to many facets in lighting with a specific focus towards the sales of lighting solutions that best suit each application. Craig manages a team of experienced Sales Engineers and Project Coordinators to ensure that the vision of providing specialised solutions to exceed client expectations is upheld in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Dedicated to supporting the continued evolution of our industry he facilitates educational events through the IES and provides on-going sponsorship of numerous events. Craig holds an Honors Degree from Queensland University of Technology in Electrical and Computing Engineering.

Darren Bucknall

VIC & SA Regional Partner

Contact: E: dbucknall@xerolighting.com
M: +61 488 092 383
P: +61 383 999 488

Darren plays an integral role for the Victorian and South Australian Xero Group’s business. With 23 years of experience in the lighting industry Darren has a strong technical focus developed from 7 years of product design roles, and offers his customers expert technical advice on product application and high quality solutions.
Darren also has strong international experience having worked in London for many years and also started and developed a successful lighting distribution company based in Melbourne.

Anthony Strangis

VIC Team Member

Contact: E: astrangis@xerolighting.com
M: +61 427 111 708
P: +61 383 999 488

Based in Victoria, Anthony is a welcome member of the Xero Lighting Group. He has been involved in the lighting industry over 20 years. During this time, he has worked within a variety of roles. Which range from lamp sales, retail lighting, project coordination, conceptual design, manufacture, project and sales management. He has a deep knowledge of distributing architectural lighting working throughout Australia and New Zealand representing some of the world leading companies. This In turn, has allowed him the opportunity to develop wide-ranging skill sets, which encompasses many aspects vital to the lighting business. Anthony is heavily engaged in the in the Victorian and Tasmania chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand in the capacity of the Memberships Services Coordinator. In which he serves to encourage, promote and preserve high standards of professional integrity and ethics amongst people active in the field of lighting and holds full MIES accreditation.

Ronny Schaapherder

VIC Team Member

Contact: E:ronnys@xerolighting.com
M: +61 408 914 210
P: +61 383 999 488

As a Lighting Sales Engineer, Ronny has over 15 years’ experience in the lighting industry. His career started in Holland in 2000, and includes over 14 year for ERCO Lighting. During that time, Ronny has built up a wealth of project experience in high end Architectural Lighting solutions / applications. Ronny is proficient in Dialux and is an expert at assisting the client reach the ideal solution. Ronny builds strong relationships and provides his clients with a tailor-made project solution, high service and site assistance.

Billy Daye

QLD & NT Regional Partner

Contact: E: bdaye@xerolighting.com
M: +61 417 200 862
P: +617 3193 9488

This twenty-five-year lighting industry veteran, and newly-minted MBA holder, has spent a successful career working sales and business development both locally and internationally. He stands ready in Queensland to put all those years of experience and his freshly-honed academic business skills to work for Xero and, especially, for our customers.

Martin Disley

QLD Business Development Manager

Contact: E: mdisley@xerolighting.com
M: +61 433 934 100
P: +61 285 999 788

This knowledgeable professional’s career in lighting began in New Zealand, more than twenty years ago. Starting out as a Sales Consultant he moved up to National Sales Manager before his career brought him to a consultant’s role in Australia followed by Directorship/ownership of his own distribution company. All those years of expertise-development and relationship-building are now focused on Xero’s goals of educating the marketplace about the cutting-edge products we represent, and giving customers everything they need to put them into place efficiently.
When time permits Martin loves spending valuable time with his wife and children. Keeping fit through road cycling/racing and travel

Pierre Asaadi IMG

Pierre Asaadi

NSW Team Member

Contact: E: pasaadi@xerolighting.com
M: 0437 815 457

Sam Amos IMG

Sam Amos

NSW Team Member

Contact: E: samos@xerolighting.com
M: 0437 453 438

Mike Bernard

Auckland NZ Regional Partner

Contact: E: mbernard@xerolighting.com
M: +6421 672 237
P: +64 9 887 1067

Development, manufacturing, sales, marketing— Mike’s thirty-six-year career has given him a 360-degree perspective on the lighting industry. He has worked for high-profile companies on projects spanning the entire spectrum of commercial lighting products and many creative solutions. He has run his own company and, just prior to joining Xero, Michael spent several years gaining specialised expertise in the field of tubular lighting. To have someone who has achieved as many career goals as Mike has, and accumulated his wealth of experience, is a genuine privilege for our company.

Jonny Clifford

Wellington NZ Regional Partner

Contact: E: jclifford@xerolighting.com
M: +6421 941 901

P: +64 48 879 988

Jonny has held positions ranging from technical manager, to managing director, to consultant on lighting solutions. Eighteen years in the business have schooled him well in electronic design, programming and manufacturing, as well as commercial and architectural lighting design and sales. For Jonny, there are no small projects, only individual solutions to be found. Fluent in the language of architects and engineers, he gets great enjoyment from adding value to their Xero relationships and helping them discover the most efficient, effective paths to achieving aesthetically-pleasing goals.

Shay Allison IMG with border

Shay Allison

TAS Team Member Sales Account Manager

Contact: E: tassales@xerolighting.com
M: +0428 725 924

P: +03 62315599

Shay comes from a strong background in Interior Design. She has been involved in commercial and residential design and documentation for over 8 years, sitting across both large and small-scale projects. Shay employs a holistic approach to her projects, ensuring that the best solution is always met for all collaborators and the project at large. Her dedication to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional transcend into her role here, maintaining a focus on providing the best outcomes for her clients and partners alike.

Maia IMG with border2pt


Wellington NZ
Specification Sales Consultant

Contact: E: mwhittet@xerolighting.com
M: +64 27 307 0111

P: +64 4 887 9988

Maia’s extensive experience in the lighting industry spans over two decades, including 15 years of specialisation in specifying and designing extruded light fittings. Throughout her career, she has played a key role in numerous high-profile projects and designs, collaborating closely with architects, electrical engineers, and end-users to deliver exceptional service, innovative solutions, and meet specifications that meet their needs. With her focus on delivering excellence, Maia is excited to embark on the next chapter of her career with Xero, where she will offer premium quality products and help shape them to match each client’s unique vision.

Mel Levings

Christchurch NZ
Regional Partner

Contact: E: mlevings@xerolighting.com M: +642 7536 3688

Everyone at Xero understands and thrives on the ever-changing nature of the lighting business, and none of us more than Mel. With thirty-one years in the industry, nearly half of them at the helm of his own commercial lighting company, he is uniquely qualified to help you make the most of today’s lighting solutions. The other half of his career, spent on the wholesale side, means he knows what’s out there for you and where to find it. Providing exactly what you need is something in which he takes great pleasure—another trait he shares with his Xero colleagues.

Ben Woods IMG with frame

Ben Woods

Senior Sales Specification Representative

Contact: E: bwoods@xerolighting.com
M: 0499 360 380
P: 03 8399 9488

Ben started out in marketing but soon found that he isn’t one for reaching people from a distance. As he puts it, he “got a sniff of sales and never looked back.” Today, Ben’s love for relationship-building is focused on working through designs with clients to find the perfect solution for each project. A self-professed “sports nut,” Ben enjoys playing golf as well as basketball and AFL. And proving that he’s not your stereotypical truth-stretching salesman, he’s quick to point out that while he likes playing sports he doesn’t profess to be any good at them!

Chris Bortone IMG

Chris Bortone

VIC Team Member

Contact: E: chrisb@buckford.com.au
M: +61 474 863 500
P: +61 383 999 488

Chris is a guy who loves his early morning coffee and makes good use of all the pep it gives him. He arrives with 14 years of experience spanning lighting design, sales, and account/category management. A believer in going the extra mile, Chris seeks to not only create successful designs, but to add “further value and inspiration” for clients. Collaboration is another of his passions. Chris loves strategising with colleagues, learning from others and helping others in return. Away from the office, you can find him enjoying the beach with his wife and daughters, going for a jog, or enjoying a nice glass of whiskey.

Gary Talbot

SA Team Member

Contact: E: gtalbot@xerolighting.com M: +61 448 064 412

With over 40 years of experience in the electrical industry, Garry successfully completing an apprenticeship as an electrical mechanic and worked as an electrical contractor in Victoria for 5 years before moving into Sales and Management roles.
These roles in his career include GEC Bendigo Branch Manager, Auslec Victoria northern regional projects department and MM Group in several management roles responsible for project management and business development.

This lead to a transition into the lighting industry and over the last 10 years Garry has worked for several prominent lighting companies in the recent past gaining invaluable knowledge and an intimate understanding of our unique industry. Garry’s role with the Xero Lighting Group allows him to utilse his portfolio to consulting engineers, architects, interior designers, local councils and government departments.

Garry is an avid supporter of the IES for many years and has spent 3 years as the SA Chapter Secretary. Although he is not currently officially involved with the IES, Garry regularly attends local functions

Peter Buckley IMG

Peter Buckley

SA Team Member

Contact: E: pbuckley@xerolighting.com M: 0 455 051 645

A lot of people see things clearly in Adelaide these days due to the three decades of electrical and lighting work Peter did there as a young consultant, a founding member of Bestec and then as the owner of his own lighting design and sales business. His extensive resume includes the design, documentation and contract administration of key electrical services projects involving CBD and Country Hospitals, major hotel developments, university buildings and more.
Peter joined XERO Lighting Group in 2019, supporting design and sales across the fields of architectural, commercial and external lighting.

Hendrik Schwartz

Singapore Regional Partner

Contact: E: hendriks@xerolighting.com
M: +65 9106 1577

New to the Xero team, Hendrik is a seasoned business leader and entrepreneur.
He has clocked up almost 20 years experience within the lighting industry. Much of this industry time has been spent with the ERCO company where he was leading the Japan operations as Managing Director for 6 years, worked 2 years as the Export Manager in Germany and then as the Regional CEO for the Asia Pacific based in Singapore.
Hendrik’s ongoing goal is to continue in the development of the fast growing Asian markets where in the recent past he has tripled turnover in the last 10 years. Hendrik’s extensive technical lighting knowledge and communication skills will be a valuable asset as he engages the vast network of specifiers, distributors and clients to the Xero Lighting Group.

Ben Conick

WA Regional Partner

Contact: E: bconick@xerolighting.com M: +61 410 575 180

Ben has been involved in lighting throughout his working career, since 1999.

He became passionate about lighting early in his career and realising that lighting would be a big part of his life, acted on gaining the best possible knowledge and education possible while continuing to gain on the job experience. He has experience in all aspects of the lighting industry from warehousing through to senior management, specifically, within the architectural specification sector and working in partnership with several internationally renowned brands.

With a drive to deliver high quality product and impeccable customer experience, Ben is highly motivated and focused on the long term success of Xero Linear Lighting Systems in Western Australia.

Simon Buckingham

WA Business Development Manager

Contact: E: sbuckingham@xerolighting.com
M: +61 437 999 127


Simon is a sales and marketing professional with a career spanning over 25 years. He is an ambitious and motivated individual with a tenacity for developing opportunities and building sound business relationships, imparting technical know-how and crafting high quality solutions that support project objectives.

Simon’s track record in the lighting industry includes represent tier one global brands in premium lighting control gear, which has given him a sound technical understanding of control gear application. He has worked with a broad range of clients from SMEs through to State Government Agencies on infrastructure projects, in providing lighting solutions.

Landon Bannister

TAS Regional Partner

Contact: E: lbannister@xerolighting.com
M: +61 427 447 166
P: +61 362 315 599

Landon has been working with light for over 20 years. He is a passionate advocate for the role that light plays in enhancing peoples experience within the built environment and is heavily involved in lighting education. He developed his passion for lighting in Hobart but eventually moved to Melbourne, where he was able to study lighting and gain his qualification as a Member of the Illuminating Engineers Society. Now back in Tasmania, Landon continues to work with all sectors of the industry to promote quality lighting outcomes for projects of all shapes and sizes.

Vikas Jain IMG with border

Vikas Jain

Production Planning & Inventory Control Manager

Contact: E: vjain@xerolighting.com
P: +02 8599 9788

Vikas has been the mechanical engineer behind just about every material you might find in commercial lighting. He’s been in glass manufacturing, injection molding of plastics, blow molding of plastics and extrusion molding of plastics, as well. Given such a hot resume, it’s only fitting that Vikas worked in air conditioners, too! He also has a 360-degree perspective on getting things done, having been an executive, production planner, and project engineer.
When Vikas isn’t busy lighting up the world by putting materials together for Xero, you may just find him lighting up a dancefloor as a Bollywood DJ!

Abbey Roth

NSW Project Coordinator

Contact: E: aroth@xerolighting.com
P: +61 28599 9788

Jenna Armeda

Accounts Assistant

Contact: E: jarmeda@xerolighting.com
P: +61 28599 9788

Michael Sevenyhazi IMG border

Michael Sevenyhazi

State Manager Victoria

Contact: E: michaels@xerolighting.com
M: +61 408 718 614
P: +61 383 999 488

Bhavik Vavadiya IMG keyline

Bhavik Vavadiya

Contact: E: bvavadiya@xerolighting.com
P: 02 8599 9788

Lighting makes perfect sense as a career for Bhavik. Being a self-proclaimed “speed lover” and Formula 1 racing enthusiast, light is the only other thing fast enough to hold his interest!
Bhavik came to Xero after working in Electrical Design, leading a team and focusing largely on solar solutions. He holds degrees in engineering and management for engineers, which he applies in pursuing his passion for design, manufacturing and problem-solving.
To relax, Bhavik enjoys applying his analytical mind to a game of chess, but also craves exercise via cricket, badminton and tennis.

Paul Cowan

Paul Cowan

Contact: E: pcowan@xerolighting.com
M: +44 77681 91271