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Ursula Frayne College

Perth, WA. Australia

XTS | 3.0 Square
The new science precinct located in the Victoria Park College campus of Perth Western Australia contains state of the art facilities while successfully providing a reinterpretation of an existing form working with the constraints of heritage issues and space. The refurbished and extended building is both innovative and recognisable.
Working collaboratively with the engineer and architect, XERO Lighting was able to meet the demands of the combination of the new modern spaces with strong aesthetic, historical and social heritage features using the simple lines of the XTS | 3.0 Square
Engineer: BCA Consultants : http://www.bcagroup.com.au/
Architect:  DWA Architects : http://dwaarch.com.au/
Builder:  ADCO Constructions : https://www.adcoconstruct.com.au/
Contractor:  SMB Electrical : https://www.smbelectrical.com.au/

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XTS | 3.0

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