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XTI | 3.0 SQUARE, XTI | 3.0 RECESSED (IP66 IK10+)
Cheltenham Station upgrade

Cheltenham Railway Station is part of the redevelopment of a line of new stations being built on the Frankston Line.
The station has two sets of lifts and stairs and a new forecourt and a large community open space. Both the new Cheltenham and Mentone Stations are five-star Green Star design rated with solar panels, water-saving and rainwater collection. Xero Lighting Systems provided energy-efficient, cost-saving IP66 and IK10+ linear lighting in various areas of the station.
Xero linear lighting systems is a Product of Australia. All of our products significant components are manufactured in Australia. All designs and manufacturing processes are carried out in Australia.
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XTI | 3.0

XTI | 3.0

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