Xero Linear Lighting Systems Launches Internationally
The largest commercial linear lighting company in the southern hemisphere.

Sydney Australia. On April 4 2017, a group of over120 guests braved the night’s cooler April Autumn weather to celebrate the formal launch of Xero Linear Lighting Systems – 
an innovative new company designed to move beyond traditional commercial linear lighting business models.

This new idea, the brainchild of lighting-industry veteran, Edwin Sargeant, is based on what he refers to as, “Xero tolerance for normal.”

In his remarks announcing the launch, and his return to the lighting industry, Edwin said,
“If I am going to go back into the lighting industry I am going to raise the bar and at least launch a new company ahead of where I left off.”

Edwin went on to lay out a number of hardware and software innovations Xero is bringing to the industry, but focused significantly on the fact that people are the true movers of everything Xero is accomplishing. He said that Xero’s people are “Remaining focused in a forward direction with the ability to stay the course irrespective of what is happening around us.”

Edwin added that, “Our team has collectively over 300 years of combined industry experience, having worked on over 1000 commercial projects in the industry over the last two decades.
They are the best in the field.”

With the launch event, Xero Linear Lighting Systems commenced operations, in 16 locations throughout the world: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania, Brisbane, Canberra, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. Plans for the future include expansion into Canada, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

About his new company’s breadth, Sargeant said, “Never before has a lighting company started with such broad market reach – as of now, we are the largest linear lighting group in the southern
hemisphere – we have more company offices than any other commercial lighting company.”




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