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XTA | 2.5 Loop Recessed IP55


XTA 2.5 Loop Recessed IP55 – Size: 71mm Wide (97mm Wide with flange) x 100mm Highintegral gear continuous

The XTA | 2.5 Loop IP55 series is a streamlined body profile that can be formed into a myriad of shapes and sizes – from simple curved corners to the most complex configurations. The only limit is your imagination.

Xero’s Proformax and Xeramix light engines and drivers come with 90º and 180º joiners that can be lit only. This makes it possible to create continuous, uncompromised ribbons of light. All XTA products come with a 7 year standard warranty using Proformax light engines, with the option to upgrade to the 10 year advanced industry leading warranty using Xeramix1.

Standard Flat Endplate

XTA | 2.5 Loop Recessed IP55
Optic Module
LED Engine
4ft Length
Luminous Flux
(Delivered Lumens)
Xeramix CRI 80+
Lumen Maintenance: 114,000 Hours ( L90 B10 @ 50º )
Proformax CRI: 90+
Lumen Maintenance: 82,000 Hours ( L80 B10 @ 35º )
Warranty Xeramix 10 years
Proformax 7 years
Electrical Power Consumption Between 20 and 45w/m
Voltage Input Range 120 – 277V
Controls 0-10 volts / Dali Control Gear / DSI compatible / DMX / Dimmer switch / Constant light output / Motion sensor / Ripple free / Bluetooth mesh / Casambi control wireless system
Total Harmonic Distortion THD 9.8% max
Approvals UL / CE / CCC / AS:NZS / EMC
Physical Dimensions 71 Wide (inc flanges 97mm) X 100mm High
Weight Per Metre 4.1kg (9.03Ibs) average weight
Housing Aluminium Extrusion with powder-coated only finish
Diffuser Frosted acrylic lens
Accessories Emergency Packs
Connections Polarised electrical connection between sections
Compatible Ceiling Type Suitable for gyprock (drywall) ceilings, metal pan, concrete, timber and T-bar grid ceilings
Mounting Gyprock clips as standard
Bend Radii 830R / 1230R as standard with custom radii available
Mitre Bend options Lit corner 90º/ Cross 90º/ Tee 90º/ Straight 180º (No unlit)
Endplate Options Conseal flat or optional curved end plates
Operating Temperatures Xeramix = -25ºC to 50ºC (-13ºF to 140ºF)
Proformax = -25ºC to 35ºC (-13ºF to 95ºF)
Environment (Direct) IP55 (Indirect) IP50 (Not in direct sunlight for both direct and indirect)
Minimum Length Adjustment Xeramix = 1mm Proformax = 25mm
LED Board Types Xeramix LED boards in 25 / 100 / 280 / 560mm lengths Zhaga compatible
Proformax LED boards in 50 / 280mm / 560mm lengths Zhaga compatible
Configurations Down only
PENDANT LENGTHS (FOR XTA | 2.5 Loop Recessed IP55 straight sections only)
Total luminaire length in mm 585 865 1145 1425 1705 1985 2265 2545 2825 3105 3385
Total luminaire length in inches (B) 23 34 45 56 67 78 89 100 111 122 133
‘560 board multiples 1 1.5 2.0 2.5 2.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 5.5 6.0
Total luminaire length in mm 3665 3945 4225 4505 4785 5065 5345 5625 5905 6185 6465
Total luminaire length in inches (B) 144 155 166 177 188 199 210 221 232 243 254
‘560 board multiples 6.5 7 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.0 9.5 10.0 10.5 11.0 11.5
Total luminaire length in mm (B) 6745 7025 7305 7585 7865 8145 8425 8705 8985 9265 9545
Total luminaire length in inches (B) 265 276 287 298 309 320 331 342 353 364 375
‘560 board multiples 12.0 12.5 13.0 13.5 14.0 14.5 15.0 15.5 16.0 16.5 17.0
Total luminaire length in mm 9825 10105 10385 10665 10945 11225 11505 11785 12065 12345 12625
Total luminaire length in inches (B) 386 397 408 419 431 441 452 463 474 485 497
‘560 board multiples 17.5 18.0 18.5 19.0 19.5 20.0 20.5 21.0 21.5 22.0 22.5
Total luminaire length in mm 12905 13185 13465 13745 14025 14305 14570 14865 15145 15425 15705
Total luminaire length in inches (B) 507 518 530 541 552 563 574 585 596 607 618
‘560 board multiples 23.0 23.5 24.0 24.5 25.0 25.5 26.0 26.5 27.0 27.5 28.0
Total luminaire length in mm 15985 16265 16545 16825 17105 17385 17665 17945 18225 18505 18785
Total luminaire length in inches (B) 630 640 651 662 673 684 695 706 717 728 739
‘560 board multiples 28.5 29.0 29.5 30.0 30.5 31.0 31.5 32.0 32.5 33.0 33.5
CUSTOM LENGTHS (FOR XTA | 2.5 Loop Recessed IP55 straight sections only)
Custom lengths for Xeramix are available in 0.0393701” [1mm] increments above the minimum pendant length of 23” [590mm]
Custom lengths for Proformax are available in 0.984252” [25mm] increments above the minimum pendant length of 23” [590mm]

The XTA | 2.5 Loop series brings high-quality dot free illumination to commercial and institutional interior environments. Featuring the latest generation of LED technology, The XTA | 2.5 Loop series is the perfect choice for offices, retail and public spaces with clean, uninterrupted lines of light.

L80 B10 82,000 hours @35ºC
Proformax boards are CRI 90 as standard and have the highest efficiency currently on the market. The Proformax boards also have the lowest sulfurisation deteriorisation compared to other plastic based chips on the market.

L90 B10 114,000 hours @ 50ºC
Xeramix 1 boards are both high output and high efficiency combined giving unmatched flexibility, by tuning the drive current any output is achievable




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UNLIT straight join icon UNLIT curved join icon

Standard Bend Options


* Other options including custom colour matching available on request
Contact your nearest Distributor – xerolighting.com/contact

Textured White  90133641 Textured White90133641
10 Micron Anodised Aluminium
(Not available for curved profiles)
10 Micron Anodised Aluminium
(Not available for curved profiles)
Textured Black  90132679 Textured Black90132679
* Additional cost
RAL 9010
Pure White Satin
RAL 9010
Pure White Satin
RAL 7035
Light Grey Satin
RAL 7035
Light Grey Satin
RAL 9003
Signal White Satin
RAL 9003
Signal White Satin
RAL 1015
Light Ivory Gloss
RAL 1015
Light Ivory Gloss
RAL 7032
Pebble Grey Satin
RAL 7032
Pebble Grey Satin
RAL 6002
Leaf Green Gloss
RAL 6002
Leaf Green Gloss
RAL 9005
Jet Black Gloss
RAL 9005
Jet Black Gloss
RAL 9004
Signal Black Matt
RAL 9004
Signal Black Matt
RAL 5012
Light Blue Satin
RAL 5012
Light Blue Satin
RAL 5005
Signal Blue Satin
RAL 5005
Signal Blue Satin
RAL 1021
Colza Yellow Satin
RAL 1021
Colza Yellow Satin
RAL 1018
Zinc Yellow Gloss
RAL 1018
Zinc Yellow Gloss
RAL 1003
Signal Yellow Gloss
RAL 1003
Signal Yellow Gloss
RAL 2000
Yellow Orange Gloss
RAL 2000
Yellow Orange Gloss
RAL 2009
Traffic Orange Gloss
RAL 2009
Traffic Orange Gloss
(Not available for curved profiles)
* Additional cost
25 micron Annodised   25 micron Annodised
Grey Anodised   Grey Anodised
Black Anodised   Black Anodised
Green Anodised   Green Anodised
Gold Anodised   Gold Anodised
Blue Anodised   Blue Anodised
Red Anodised   Red Anodised
* Additional cost
alphatec classic white gloss  27281880 alphatec classic white gloss27281880
alphatec blaze blue gloss  98419941 alphatec blaze blue gloss98419941
alphatec french blue gloss  98432725 alphatec french blue gloss98432725
alphatec pommel blue gloss  98451034 alphatec pommel blue gloss98451034
alphatec space blue gloss  98419990 alphatec space blue gloss98419990
alphatec navy gloss  98450282 alphatec navy gloss98450282
alphatec dark violet gloss  98451926 alphatec dark violet gloss98451926
alphatec flame red gloss  98419959 alphatec flame red gloss98419959
alphatec signal red  98450735 alphatec signal red98450735
safety yellow gloss  9842015G safety yellow gloss9842015G
alphatec yellow gold gloss  98433617 alphatec yellow gold gloss98433617
alphatec lemon yellow gloss  98432120 alphatec lemon yellow gloss98432120
alphatec orange x15 gloss  98451439 alphatec orange x15 gloss98451439
alphatec mistletoe gloss  98451040 alphatec mistletoe gloss98451040
alphatec transformer grey gloss  98432186 alphatec transformer grey gloss98432186
Aztec Black  90182757 Aztec Black90182757
APO Grey Scylla  90136612 APO Grey Scylla90136612
Aztec Silver  90185040 Aztec Silver90185040
Black Scylla  90150003 Black Scylla90150003
Black texture  90132679 Black texture90132679
Copper Kinetic Pearl Satin  9717183K Copper Kinetic Pearl Satin9717183K
Graphite Sarouk  93551677 Graphite Sarouk93551677
Grey Hammer  90185184 Grey Hammer90185184
Gunmetal Kinetic Pearl Satin  9718115K Gunmetal Kinetic Pearl Satin9718115K
Horizon White Scylla  90151608 Horizon White Scylla90151608
Light Grey Scylla  90150766 Light Grey Scylla90150766
Mid Bronze Matt  27251014 Mid Bronze Matt27251014
Metropolis Silver Glow Gloss  97184623 Metropolis Silver Glow Gloss97184623
Notre Dame Scylla  90150223 Notre Dame Scylla90150223
Onyx Pearl Gloss  97152052 Onyx Pearl Gloss97152052
Pewter Pearl Satin  97188202 Pewter Pearl Satin97188202
Platypus Kinetic Pearl Satin  9717214K Platypus Kinetic Pearl Satin9717214K
Red Brown Scylla  90185473 Red Brown Scylla90185473
Silver Glow Pearl Gloss  97184623 Silver Glow Pearl Gloss97184623
Silver Grey Matt  27251272 Silver Grey Matt27251272
Silver Lode Pearl Texture  9017034Z Silver Lode Pearl Texture9017034Z
Silver Sarouk  93584874 Silver Sarouk93584874
St Elmos Fire Kinetic Pearl Satin  9717208K St Elmos Fire Kinetic Pearl Satin9717208K
Steel pearl Satin  97157127 Steel pearl Satin97157127
Stone Beige Scylla  90185474 Stone Beige Scylla90185474
Storm Grey Scylla  90150183 Storm Grey Scylla90150183
Zincshield Matt  9907036M Zincshield Matt9907036M
Shoji White Satin  27284682 Shoji White Satin27284682
clear gloss  91081797 clear gloss91081797
Charcoal Gloss  2729086G Charcoal Gloss2729086G
White Matt  96132312 White Matt96132312
Magnolia Gloss  27232658 Magnolia Gloss27232658
Olde Pewter Satin  27250243 Olde Pewter Satin27250243
Metropolis Storm Satin  97184684 Metropolis Storm Satin97184684
Primrose Scylla  9013005Z Primrose Scylla9013005Z
Classic Hawthorn Green Gloss  27233709 Classic Hawthorn Green Gloss27233709
Cottage Green Satin  27284219 Cottage Green Satin27284219
Mannex Suede, Texture  90137543 Mannex Suede, Texture90137543
APO Grey Satin  27232786 APO Grey Satin27232786
Berry Grey, Gloss  2727262G Berry Grey, Gloss2727262G
Citi Matt  97188471 Citi Matt97188471
JASPER satin  2728122S JASPER satin2728122S
armourspray velocity green  91033709 armourspray velocity green91033709
armourspray white gloss  91019143 armourspray white gloss91019143
barley gloss  2723089G barley gloss2723089G
barrister white satin  27284672 barrister white satin27284672
black Sarouk  93551146 black Sarouk93551146
black CB night sky satin  95981878 black CB night sky satin95981878
black satin  90109024S black satin90109024S
Black Gloss  2729090G Black Gloss2729090G
Black Matt  27219319 Black Matt27219319
blue ridge satin  27288480 blue ridge satin27288480
blue Hammer  90185159 blue Hammer90185159
bright silver metallic gloss  96151491 bright silver metallic gloss96151491
bright white gloss  27284636 bright white gloss27284636
canola cream satin  27281796 canola cream satin27281796
champagne Kinetic Matt  9713059K champagne Kinetic Matt9713059K
charcoal Metallic Pearl Gloss  97118796 charcoal Metallic Pearl Gloss97118796
charcoal satin  27288351 charcoal satin27288351
classic cream satin  2722095S classic cream satin2722095S
copper satin  9614137Q copper satin9614137Q
dark grey Matt  27251275 dark grey Matt27251275
deep brunswick green  2726134G deep brunswick green2726134G
deep ocean satin  2725125S deep ocean satin2725125S
dune satin  2723087S dune satin2723087S
duralloy white satin  2721139S duralloy white satin2721139S
evening haze satin  2723055S evening haze satin2723055S
ironstone satin  2727257S ironstone satin2727257S
light grey gloss  2727263G light grey gloss2727263G
magnolia Scylla gloss  90133618 magnolia Scylla gloss90133618
manor red satin  2724134S manor red satin2724134S
monument matt  9599066M monument matt9599066M
monument satin  2729067S monument satin2729067S
natural pearl matt  97189119 natural pearl matt97189119
notre dame gloss  27236672 notre dame gloss27236672
off white satin  27233732 off white satin27233732
olde pewter satin  26050243 olde pewter satin26050243
oyster matt  27236858 oyster matt27236858
paperbark satin  2723088S paperbark satin2723088S
pearl white gloss  2721114G pearl white gloss2721114G
precious nickel pearl matt  97188360 precious nickel pearl matt97188360
primrose gloss  27284365 primrose gloss27284365
rivergum beige gloss  27236991 rivergum beige gloss27236991
riversand matt  95936656 riversand matt95936656
shale grey satin  27283246 shale grey satin27283246
stone grey satin  27278126 stone grey satin27278126
streetwise silver satin  9107049Q streetwise silver satin9107049Q
surfmist matt  95984758 surfmist matt95984758
surfmist satin  2721137S surfmist satin2721137S
weathered copper matt  27233724 weathered copper matt27233724
wedgewood satin  27250279 wedgewood satin27250279
white birch gloss  27237131 white birch gloss27237131
wilderness satin  27284224 wilderness satin27284224
windspray satin  2727256S windspray satin2727256S
woodland grey matt  95951698 woodland grey matt95951698
woodland grey satin  272255S woodland grey satin272255S
* Additional cost
Concrete Finishes
Charcoal Concrete   Charcoal Concrete
Polished Concrete   Polished Concrete
Light Concrete   Light Concrete

Rust Finishes

Desert Sand   Desert Sand
Edgy Auburn   Edgy Auburn
Earthy Ochre   Earthy Ochre
Morrocan Spice   Morrocan Spice

Woodgrain Finishes

Antique White   Antique White
Natural American Oak   Natural American Oak
Dark Mocha   Dark Mocha
Driftwood   Driftwood
European Walnut   European Walnut
Natural Blackbutt   Natural Blackbutt
Natural Bush Cherry   Natural Bush Cherry
Natural Casuarina   Natural Casuarina
Natural Chestnut   Natural Chestnut
Natural Curly Birch   Natural Curly Birch
Natural Ebony   Natural Ebony
Natural French Oak   Natural French Oak
Natural Golden Gum   Natural Golden Gum
Natural Golden Oak   Natural Golden Oak
Natural Ironbark   Natural Ironbark
Natural Jarrah   Natural Jarrah
Natural Kwila   Natural Kwila
Natural Maple   Natural Maple
Natural Silky Oak   Natural Silky Oak
Natural Snow Gum   Natural Snow Gum
Natural Tasmanian Oak   Natural Tasmanian Oak
Natural Teak   Natural Teak
Natural Wenge   Natural Wenge
Smoked Ash   Smoked Ash
Walnut Burl   Walnut Burl
Weathered Timber   Weathered Timber
Western Red Cedar   Western Red Cedar
Rose Mahogany   Rose Mahogany
African Blackwood   African Blackwood
Coastal Spotted Gum   Coastal Spotted Gum
Merbau   Merbau
Charred Timber   Charred Timber
Blue Ash   Blue Ash
Brushbox   Brushbox
White Ash   White Ash
Hampton Beech   Hampton Beech






* For this profile the Casambi mini interface is available for remote configuration only.

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