Two years is a long time. That’s the amount of gardening leave Edwin Sargeant was to spend after relinquishing his previous executive General Management role.  During Edwin’s ‘layover’ he did some important thinking and decided if he was going to start another business it would be too easy to just re-create the one he had left behind. So,he made a list of all the things he would change if the opportunity presented itself. It contained four headings, Distribution, Manufacturing, Technology, and Human Capital. They were to form the foundation of what was to become our ground breaking new company where the mandate was a clean slate – 

‘Everything starts at XERO’.

In the early evening of April 4, 2017 over 100 lighting executives, designers, manufacturers and well wishers gathered at the world headquarters of XERO Linear Lighting Systems in, Sydney, Australia to, in the words of XERO Lighting’s Founder & CEO Edwin Sargeant, 

“See history being made.”

XERO holds claim to a number of patents and trade marks which highlight the fact that XERO has truly revolutionised linear lighting design, although that is only part of the story. XERO has also initiated a unique software program named, ‘Xconfigurator’ that allows designers to configure products, obtain custom photometric files and specific data sheets online and put in place a global office and manufacturing network that is unrivalled in the category.

The event was held on the cavernous floor of the manufacturing plant which provided plenty of space for guests to mingle and enjoy the huge array of beautifully presented canapés drinks and rather tempting desserts.

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